The DINFOS Alumni Association welcomes you and challenges you to join us in getting more out of your DINFOS training. How? We connect mentors and mentees, continue training and celebrate our success!



you... get more out of your DINFOS training.


Be a mentor





Our mission includes five benefits:

(1) Connection: to facilitate reconnection of alumni who trained and served together and to facilitate new connections among alumni and with current DINFOS students, instructors and staff;

(2) Mentorship: to support the career development and advancement of mentees (transitioning and transitioned veterans) and mentors (highly-experienced civilian alumni);

(3) Employment: to match job openings with Association members as well as to validate the military experience of veterans for membership in entertainment industry unions.

(4) Training: to organize and deliver programs for alumni (transitioning and transitioned veterans) and for DINFOS-approved activities with DINFOS students, instructors and staff; and

(5) Recognition: to award current and former students of DINFOS for outstanding achievement in DINFOS fields of study.