Professional Development

What the Heck Is Lucubrate?

You may have noticed that this site is made up of three colors (other than black and white). The first one is midnight blue. This color was chosen to represent “burning the midnight oil” which you could also consider to be represented by the oil lamp as well. Lucubrate (loo-kyu-brate) means to burn the midnight oil. Didn’t you lucubrate when you attended DINFOS?

And by the way, the other colors are sky blue, representing how the sky is the limit for a DINFOS graduate and the other color is gold and it represents the value of DINFOS training.

So How Can I Lucubrate?

The answer is that we will share free and paid trainings and other offerings that can sharpen your public affairs and media skills.

Stay tuned for more information on those opportunities by keeping up to date on our Facebook page, coming back to this page for updates and/or subscribing to our newsletter! It’s the best way to stay posted because the information will come directly to you!